Dominican Nuns
Mt. Thabor
Established 1973

By Suzanne M. Young

1295 Bald Eagle Lake Road
Ortonville, Michigan 48462
ph: 248.627.4355 / email: mtthabor@frontier.com

Are you thinking to dedicate your life to God?

A Monastic Community

The Monastic life is a way of life that unites the soul intimately to God. In its path of discovery the power of prayer transforms and obtains that living faith that will change hearts. Sublime in its simplicity it radiates to the whole world. The weapon of prayer conquers.

Our simplicity of life is perhaps a new emphasis on this form of living in modern times. Shedding the complexities of our American way of life, strips us of burdens one often longs to be relieved of.

Come and Listen

The mountain trail is rocky, but the climb is peaceful. Beauty and serenity surround you. You are alone yet you are with God. The Contemplative lives a life that discovers a liberating silence in true prayer that penetrates into an eternity that is always new. Together the Sisters share a community and rejoice in prayer, work and silence. Called to community and solitude to realize the great mystery of God's power in the gift of Himself. This is the goal and ideal of Mt. Thabor. The Sisters invite you to contemplation at Mt. Thabor Monastery. You take the next step. Come climb the mountain.

 Want to be a Nun?

You may be called!

Consecrated life is the work of the Holy Spirit Who instills into the hearts of those He calls this knowledge of Christ that can only come from love. Christ is Risen. Alleluia!


 Getting to know us

  God called and we responded.

The initial call to the religious life while very beautiful can also be very strange and confusing. It is through careful discernment and prayer usually with the help of a spiritual director that one is better able to come to know and understand the meaning of this call and how to best respond.

Learn more about the discernment and formation process.

View Photo Essay of Final Profession

What are Vows of religious life?

Poverty - Freedom of attachments to material things.
Chastity - Commitment to Christ in a joyful love.
Obedience - Ordering life to the greatest Good.

If you believe God might be calling you

to our monastic way of life, feel free to e.mail us at mtthabor@frontier.com to begin a process of discernment with our community. There are no obligations.

Sister, pray for me!

The Sisters will be pleased to take your prayer request.
By e.mail - mtthabor@frontier.com
By mail - The Sisters, Mt. Thabor Monastery, 1295 Bald Eagle Lk. Rd., Ortonville, MI 48462

 Sewing Services Offered by the Sisters

  • Dominican Third Order Scapulars
    • Large Size - $20 each + shipping & handling
    • Small Size - $5 each + shipping & handling
  • Dominican Habits *
  • Alterations & Repairs *

* Prices vary depending on work - Contact sisters for more information.

(248) 627-4355 or mtthabor@frontier.com


 Join us in prayer to Fr. Augustus Tolton

The Chicago Archdiocese has begun a cause for Canonization for Fr. Augustus Tolton. Before becoming ordained a Catholic priest in Rome (no American seminaries would accept him) Fr. Tolton was an American slave. After ordination Fr. Tolton returned to Illinois to minister to the people despite an often hostile environment towards people of African decent. We are seeking to propagate devotion to Fr. Tolton and have begun to pray earnestly to him for vocations to our Community. Please join us in prayer to Fr. Tolton. For more information contact the Archdiocese of Chicago.



Dominican Heroes

Spiritual Wisdom

  • The lake in front of our monastery.
  • Our Choir and Chapel.
  • Some time spent in solitude.
  • A place to study, our library.
  • Our work takes many forms.
  • Cake cutting is serious!
  • Sister Mary of the Holy Family
  • Sculptures of Jesus, Mary & Joseph
  • Alex Roy's Eagle Scout project.
  • Msgr. John Zenz gives our retreat.
  • Father Kearney, O.P., and Father Carlos (former Chaplains).
  • Master General of Dominican Order.
  • Deacon Bob & Leah Devine, friends.
  • Dr. & Mrs. Szymanowski visit.
  • The Most Rev. Francis R. Reiss visits.
  • New York Priests pay a second visit.
  • Miles Christi, Father Gonzalo newly ordained.

Places to visit

The WebNun - e.mail: mtthabor@frontier.com